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Metrobus (Istanbul)


The construction of the metrobus line began in 2005 and operation began in September 2007. The first line is between Avcılar and Zincirlikuyu. This line is 11 km long and has 14 stations, and is located on Istanbul's main highway, the D100. Metrobus currently operates Mercedes Capacity, Mercedes Citaro buses and DAF doubledeckers. In 2008, all these buses will be replaced with the Holland made Phileas, which is 26 meters long, with a 185 passenger capacity.

Extensions are planned at each ends of the line. In first phase, at the eastern end, the line will be extended to Esentepe and meet with the current metro system. In second phase this line pass over Boğaziçi Bridge and will end at Göztepe on the Asian side of Istanbul. At the western end line will extend to Beylikdüzü.

Also several new lines were planned, and construction will start in near future.




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