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Adiyaman Airport



Air transportations has been done in our city by Adiyaman Airport since 22 of May 1998.  Transport has been performed three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.)  In addition to this, owing to increase in the number of the passengers it has been expected that the number of journeys will increase.   From Ankara to Adiyaman takes about an hour...     

TURKISH AIRLINES                       Phone-Telefon: 0 416 244 20 05
Gidecegi Yer-Destinations Gunler-Day Hareket Saati-Departure Time
Ankara-Adiyaman Carsamba 14:00
Adiyaman-Ankara Carsamba 16:00
Ankara-Adiyaman Cumartesi 14:00
Adiyaman-Ankara Cumartesi 16:00

The Airlines that serve to Turkey and Turkish Airports



Here is the chart that shows the flights to Adiyaman.

Adiyamana ve diger illere ucak seferlerini gosteren grafik...

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