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Yardım Başlığı: Topic Options

At the top of each topic, there is a 'Options' menu. Clicking this menu will expand the options menu.

From this menu, you can select from the following options:
  • Track this topic - this option will allow you to receive e-mail updates for the topic, see the 'Email Notification of new messages' help file for more information on this
  • Email this topic - from here you can email a link of this topic to someone by entering their name, email, and desired language.
  • Print this topic - this will present the current topic you are viewing a printer friendly format, removing most images and using a standard layout.
  • Download this topic - will show the topic in a number of different formats. 'Printer Friendly Version' will display a version of the topic that is suitable for printing out. 'Download HTML Version' will download a copy of the topic to your hard drive, and this can then be viewed in a web browser, without having to visit the board. 'Download Microsoft Word Version' will allow you to download the file to your hard drive and open it up in the popular word processing application, Microsoft Word, for viewing offline.
  • Subscribe to this forum - will allow you to receive e-mail updates for any new topics posted in the forum, see the Notification of new messages' help file for more information on this
You can also select one of three topic display modes:

  • Outline - shows you one post with a list of the remaining posts at the below it, in tree format.
  • Standard - this display mode shows the topic in the standard layout of one post above another, in the order selected by the administrator.
  • Linear+ - is similiar to standard with the added benefit of having the first post of the topic always shown at the top, no matter what page of the topic you are on.